What's Included in Your Window Cleaning

What makes one window cleaning company different to another? How can you be sure you will get value for money? The devil is definitely in the detail when it comes to cleaning your windows. Let's make one thing clear before we get started - all employees work with supervisors for 1 whole year before they work unsupervised. That's thousands of windows, and a whole customer satisfaction process that is instilled in each employee over time. That's experience you can bank on.


Regular window cleaning inclusions

Before Your Window Cleaning Begins

  • Basic Introductions - upon arrival we will present our business card to you and introduce all members of the crew working at your premise. We will also let you know how your windows will be cleaned, the intended start and finish point, and estimated time for completion.
  • Special requirements - we will ask you if there are particular areas that you would like us to concentrate on if you have certain areas you would like done as a priority e.g. need to put the baby down at a certain time...no problems we can do that room first.


The Cleaning Process

  • Shoe covers worn inside at all times
  • Drop sheets used to cover carpet and furniture
  • Cobwebs removed from window and door frames
  • Window glass cleaned
  • Sliding door glass cleaned
  • Window frames and sills wiped clean
  • Window fly screens removed and brushed clean
  • Sliding door screens brushed clean
  • Window tracks brushed and wet towel cleaned
  • Sliding door tracks brushed and wet towel cleaned


Upon Completion

  • Were we there? - as we finish cleaning the windows in each room we will put all furnishings, blinds, curtains etc back in their original position.
  • Customer satisfaction - upon completion we will let you know that the job is complete and will point out any problem areas that may need further attention in the future e.g. hard water stains.
  • Back to normal - all fly screens, windows and doors will be latched exactly as they were on arrival.


Exterior Only Window Cleaning

The Cleaning Process

  • Cobwebs removed from window and door frames
  • Exterior window glass cleaned
  • Exterior sliding door glass cleaned (please ensure you unlock sliding fly screens so that we have full access to the glass doors)
  • Exterior window frames and sills wiped clean
  • Window fly screens removed and brushed clean (these must be accessible from the outside)
  • Sliding door screens brushed clean (from the outside only)
  • Sliding door tracks brushed and wet towel cleaned


Things you need to know

Preparing For Your Window Cleaning

  • Whilst we can work around most furniture and furnishings we ask that you remove any valuable items from the window and window sill area to prevent any accidental damage.
  • If your windows have been tinted, or processed in any way please advise our staff. Some types of tinting and energy efficient coatings are easy to damage unless precautions are taken beforehand.
  • For their own safety please help us to ensure that children and pets stay clear of ladders and equipment.
  • If you have procured us for an external only window clean please make sure all fly screens in windows and doors are unlatched so that we can remove them from the outside to gain access to the glass.


What's Not Included

  • We do not 'wash' the window frames and fittings. We wipe them with a damp cloth and remove the surface dust and dirt. If you would like a more detailed clean, to remove mould from window frames, for example, please let us know at the time of the quote.
  • Internal glass such as mirrors, internal doors etc are not included in your quote unless discussed at the time of the quote and specifically detailed in your written quote.
  • We do not wash fly screens as our experience shows they clean better when brushed with a wire fillament brush.
  • We cannot remove years of grime and grease that accumulates in window and door tracks. We do brush them and wipe them with a damp cloth to remove the most visible grime.
  • We do not remove hard water stains during a standard window cleaning. Hard water stains require additional chemicals and man hours to remove so must be quoted for specifically as an additional item.
  • We DO NOT remove cement and mortar for recently built premises during a standard window cleaning service. THIS IS ONLY PART OF A POST-CONSTRUCTION WINDOW CLEANING SERVICE that we can certainly quote you for.



Window cleaning is not unlike any other cleaning service in that we make no guarantees as to the ongoing cleanliness or operability of your windows and glass. Depending on your location your windows may remain clean for months, or days. As such, there is no warranty associated with our window cleaning service, other than our fabulous professional service guarantee.


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