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Since its inception, 1300 SQUEEGEE Pros has been family-owned. As such, we value our commitment to our employees and our community. We work here, we live here, and we value our reputation as much as anyone else (actually, even more so). That's a lot we put on the line, so you know we'll treat you and your property with respect, we'll be courteous at all times, and will work to a professional standard.

Samsun Hui 1300 Squeegee Pros
Samson Hui
Senior Window & Gutter Cleaning Specialist

After having worked in the corporate sector for over 8 years, for some very prestigious companies, I've made a big leap in career change. I now find myself enjoying life outdoors whilst working for a living!

I enjoy meeting new people, am very passionate about my craft, and am always challenging myself to be better. When I'm not working and keeping busy, I'm most likely to be catching up with friends for coffee and enjoy a fine road trip.

Shep Williamns 1300 Squeegee Pros
Shep Williams
Senior Window & Gutter Cleaning Specialist

I'm a very family oriented fellow so when I'm not cleaning your windows I'm spending time with my wife and kids. I come from a family of Apple farmers so am very laid back, but not afraid of hard work.

I love working outside, always perfrom to the best of my ability, and never cut corners.

You can't miss me as I'm the tallest of the crew and am the only member of the team with an American accent.

I hold the current WHS White Card and Height Saftey Certifications.

Jack Cheong 1300 Squeegee Pros
Jack Cheong
Window Cleaning Specialist

Hi I'm Jack. Born in South Korea I moved to Sydney many years ago to start a new life with my family, settling in Baulkham Hills. I'm the quietest of the bunch here, you wouldn't even know I was in your home cleaning windows, until you look up and see the sparkling view.

I have very strong religious and family values so when I'm not working I'm spending time with my family and our congregation.

I look forward to serving you in the future.

Bailey the dog
Office Dog

While most folks here are working hard, I'm hardly working. I like to move between my food bowl, my bed, and the comfy spaces in between. I'm not fussed at what life dishes out...as long as there's some sausage in it.

I dislike postman and garbage trucks.

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ACN: 608 078 146

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