Why Use Us - 7 Good Reasons

So you've made the choice to eliminate the time and hassle and hire a professional to do the job for you. Now comes the litmus test. You want a reasonably priced professional who will do what they say, and do it with a great deal of pride so that you get a quality outcome.


Here is what sets us apart from the rest:

1. We're a Local, Family Owned Business

We work here, we live here, and we value our reputation as much as anyone else (actually, even more so). That's a lot we put on the line, so you know we'll treat you and your property with respect, we'll be courteous at all times, and will work to a professional standard.

2. We Provide Value For Money

Unlike many of our competitors we never charge for extras such as cleaning your fly screens, or wiping the sills and frames of your windows and doors. We don't charge extra for working on 2nd and 3rd story windows. We do include cleaning your window and door tracks for free. In short, we provide a complete service for one written price.

3. We are Comprehensively Insured

Currently there are no licensing or mandatory insurance requirements for the glass and window cleaning industry. This means if you hire someone without the relevant insurance you will not be covered for any damage to your property. Worse still, if your window cleaner has a fall and injures themselves, you may be liable for a compensation payout if it is deemed that your premise was unsafe, or presented a hazard that caused the injury!


Don't take that chance. We are fully covered for the following amounts:

  • Public Liability - $5,000,000
  • Product Liability - $250,000
  • Pollution - $5,000,000
  • Personal Injury - Salary Continuance for up to 2 years
4. We Actively Seek Your Satisfaction

Firstly when you book your appointment we will explain as much as possible to you so that you know what to expect. Then before we begin work we will answer any questions you may have. While we are working we will tell you if there are any problem areas, or if there are optional services that might be of value to you. Finally, before leaving we will ask you to confirm you are happy with the outcome. We email all of our customers asking them to complete our online feedback form (no obligation of course!).

5. Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

We use de-ionized water while cleaning your windows which is purer than bottled water, leaving a streak free shine. De-ionized water will not harm your garden, animals, children, or your home. The cleaning solution we use is a low allergen formula which is completely biodegradable. It has a NFPA Hazard Rating of 0, and a HMIS Hazard Rating 0.

6. Over Twenty Thousand Windows of Experience

That's a lot of refinement, a lot of know-how, and something you can bank on. Our testimonials are quotes from real customers, people who are happy to share their experience because they value good old fashioned service.

7. Members of the Master Window Cleaners Association of Australia®

As foundation members of the Master Window Cleaners Association of Australia® we are bound by a code of ethics designed to further the professionalism of window cleaners and the window cleaning industry. This is your assurance that each individual within our team adheres to the guiding principles and standards advocated by the association.

If you still have questions simply call us on 1300 778 334 and we'll be happy to provide a no pressure, no obligation quote.

Would you like to put a face to the business? Meet our team here.

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