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06.12.2014 - Our latest customer experience ratings

Who better to listen to about the quality of our service than our past customers. With every invoice we send our customers we provide a link to an online feedback form for them to rate their experience across a range of metrics including - our punctuality, communication, presentation quality of work, and our price. We publish it all on our website for prospective customers to see. Read more.

20.05.2014 - Our upgraded insurance policy

Our recent insurance policy renewal includes even more coverage. Apart from our regular public and product liability we're now also covered for up to $5,000,000 for pollution and $250,000 for property in care. Read more.

27.10.2013 - Professional glass sealing now added to our services

Nano technology is a revolutionary protective coating for all types of glass, protecting the glass against etching from contaminants such as sea salt, dirt and hard water stains, reducing your cleaning time by up to 90%. We particualrly recommend you seal your pool balustrades and glass shower panels to avoid the inevitable hard water staining that occurs over time. Read more.

14.09.2013 - Professional gutter cleaning now added to our services

When's the best time to clean your gutters and windows? At the same time. By cleaning your gutters at the same time as your windows you can be assured that we stage the work so that your windows are cleaned immediately after the gutters overhanging those same windows, making sure there is no overspray or dirt left on the windows. Read more.

31.08.2013 - We now accept credit card payments

Thanks to the latest in secure mobile applications from PayPal, we now accept credit cards. With no additional fees to you, you can pay using your credit at the completion the job. We accept all major credit cards and even PayPal payments. Of course, your data is secured via PayPal's leading technology. Read more.

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