What's Included in Your Gutter Cleaning

Why hire a professional gutter cleaner, don't they just get up there and blow the leaves away with a blower? How can you be sure you will get value for money, and a job well done? The devil is definitely in the detail when it comes to cleaning your gutters.


(1) Firstly, let's cover off the fact that a big issue with gutters is downpipes. Most gutter cleaning service providers simply blow the leaves along the gutter, and then over the edge, forcing more silt and leaf matter into the downpipes. Over time, it's the downpipes that become the bottleneck to water draining out of the gutters. We make sure to flush each downpipe with mains pressure to determine if your downpipes are draining correctly.


(2) Secondly, unlike most, we don't simply blow all the debris onto your lawn and say 'job well done', we often recycle it for excellent garden mulch, put it in the appropriate green waste bin and/or remove it from your premises altogether.


Regular gutter cleaning inclusions

Before Your Gutter Cleaning Begins

  • Basic Introductions - upon arrival we will present our business card to you and introduce all members of the crew working at your premise. We will also let you know how your gutters will be cleaned, where we will access your roof, and the estimated time for completion.
  • Special requirements - we will ask you if there are particular areas of concern, such as leaking downpipes, overflow issues etc.


The Cleaning Process

  • We use appropriate ladders and safety precautions at all times
  • We are trained to walk on your roof to mitigate damage to tiles and fittings
  • All leaf matter is blown and removed from the gutters (as can be reasonably expected)
  • All valleys are cleared of leaf matter (as can be reasonably expected)
  • Branches and larger debris are removed by hand
  • Downpipes are flushed using mains pressure (this is designed to ensure you have adequate water flow through your downpipes)
  • All debris are recycled, appropriately binned, or removed from your premise


Upon Completion

  • Were we there? - your paths, lawns and driveway will be left in better condition than when we arrived and all outdoor furniture, potted plants etc will be returned to their original position
  • Customer satisfaction - upon completion we will let you know that the job is complete and will point out any problem areas that may need further attention in the future e.g. rusted gutters and blocked downpipes.


Things you need to know

Preparing For Your Gutter Cleaning

  • Whilst we can move most outdoor furniture and furnishings we ask that you remove any clothing from washing lines as it is likely it will be affected by the gutter cleaning process.
  • For their own safety please help us to ensure that children and pets stay clear of ladders and equipment.


What's Not Included

  • We do not clean the exterior/visible surface of the gutters - you are engaging us to clean the inside of the gutters only.
  • We do not remove gutter-guard in the process of cleaning
  • We cannot repair gutters, fittings, or downpipes as you are required to use a certified roof plumber for this type of work.
  • We cannot work on any roof with a pitch so steep that it requires safety points to be fitted to the roof.
  • We do not unblock downpipes that need to be removed and physically unblocked


Important Notice

If your gutters have not be professionally cleaned in some time a thorough cleaning often results in water flowing to areas that have been blocked for an extended period. This can make apparent leaks and blockages that would have otherwise gone unnoticed, and may necessitate the need for further professional repairs.



Gutter cleaning is not unlike any other cleaning service in that we make no guarantees as to the ongoing cleanliness or operability of your guttering. Depending on your location your gutters may remain clean for years, or weeks. As such, there is no warranty associated with our gutter cleaning service, other that your nominal statutory rights under common law, and our fabulous professional service guarantee.


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